Friday, March 12, 2010

Crossfit #3, 2010

Today I didn't intend necessarily to go to xfit, because I'd already committed to 4 p.m. yoga. However, I was up and energized so I actually hit 6 a.m. xfit. There were two other newbies, dudes, and the three of us did the workout with Paul at the helm.

Warm-up as usual.

Then this torture device known as a Fit Wheel was handed to us - you strap it to your feet, with a single wheel in the middle, and we attempted (in my case) to do three different core/ab exercises. I was pretty much a failure but I tried hard, and expect I'll get better next time now that I'm a little bit familiar with the concept. Yet again, my core strength...blows. And now I've got my work cut out for me!

The WOD today didn't involve running, and I was thrilled because the weather was crap and though I'd run a in a little morning mist the day before, it was all out cold, windy and pouring.

The WOD:
3 assisted pull-ups
4 push-ups
5 air squats

I needed HELLA assistance on the pull-ups..two bands. But I could do the three required barely (again, upper body strength is poor), ditto for the push-ups (from my knees) but I did them all. Now, my shining beacon of hope in all of this is my lower body strength is actually respectable, so the squats were nothin'!

This we did 15 times through on the minute; if you didn't finish in the 1 minute, you had to wait for the next one. We all pretty much stayed together and finished in about 40 seconds, with a 20 second rest (about enough time to set up my band(s) for my pull-ups) before starting again.

15 minutes to finish

Super fun, I even beat one of the dudes! (Of course, he was doing real pull-ups and push-ups, so it really doesn't count). I think because of the yoga, I'm really not feeling competitive - I realize we all have different bodies and bring different strength and ability to the table. I just want to get better for myself!

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