Monday, March 8, 2010

Class #38, 2010

Today was my first class since last Tuesday - that class was brutal, and the next day work was hell and I opted for margaritas with my boss rather than yoga with my boss. Then, Jill and I went away for the weekend to Whidbey Island, where there is no Bikram Yoga. While there, I tried to take a 'regular' hatha class but mis-read the schedule and actually ended up in my first pilates mat class.

And today, two days after the pilates class, my arms KILLED in yoga. I had to - gasp! - drop my arms in the second set of the half moon series. I remember that feeling when I first started practicing! My triceps...oy!

I'm pretty open about the fact that I believe in Bikram Yoga (did'ja get that?) but also, I'm honest that it doesn't target *everything* - many who practice feel a lack of (weight-bearing) upper body work, as well as serious attention to the abs. Well, this pilates class took care of my arms, and my hurt to laugh for the whole next day.

Still, class was awesome today, a nice class back after 5 days off and with Frani, a seasoned teacher whose been out of town for 4 months- so fun to have her back. I'm about to integrate some other exercise - which makes me nervous because I'm already feeling overextended, so something will have to give. But, both the pilates class and the scale are saying I need a little shake-up - so that, along with some dietary lock-down, will hopefully get me back to center by my birthday in June.


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