Friday, March 12, 2010

Class #40, 2010

Once a week, I'm aiming to do both xfit and yoga. This is a tall order - but I think it's good to have one day where you kill your body, and then one full day off during the week. My goal right now is 3 xfits, and 4 yogas/week - with one day off in the mix somehow. Today was my "double" and it went well.

Yoga at 4 felt great - super full class with B.J., surrounded by nice hardworking people (one of whom clearly had a garlic-laden lunch...pew!) but all in all, a nice solid Bikram class. I already can feel some improvement in certain postures, perhaps just from more body/muscle awareness (because they hurt!). However, I cannot do eagle on my left side (and normally, Eagle is "my posture"...) apparently my hip has tightened up! And again, my standing head to knee is poo, but that's ok, it'll get there. Stamina was good all things considered, but I was a serious sweat ball. At the savasana, I noticed the gal next to me had a mere sheen of sweat, and I was in a sloppy puddle, dripping from every pore.

After class, I stayed and worked on some hip openers (pigeon) and a few other advanced postures I've been playing around with. Good yoga time!

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